Saskatoon Celebrity

Joni Mitchell graduated from the school down the street
from mine. We acted like we didnít give
two flying fucks about her because it was like, a thing
where Aden Bowman was good at art and sports and Walter
Murray was just the president of the university. Last winter
my boyfriendís dad helped Yann Martel out with his shed.

Tikoís parents used to party with Yann Martel
and she said he was a dick. She met Joni Mitchell
as a child and said her self portrait looked
just like her. I didnít sign up the year Guy Vanderhaeghe
taught the creative writing class at the U of S.

I upgraded at Nutana where Joni Mitchell did
grade nine. My Eng teacher brought out her class picture
which listed career goals next to the names. Hers said
she didnít want to be a Latin teacher. To a room full of skids
and young mothers he whispered, no, she didnít
become a latin teacher. And lo, one of
the CSI Miami villains was Kim Coates.

don't need to take it easy on our boy.

Published On: March 23, 2017
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  March 23, 2017


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