Middle Initial Sequel
Hallowed evening's eve

dying day's light's beginning

first hours of dawn
the spirit sways
back & forth within this frail shell
shuck the p
i am again
b n
        middle initial i am born into
'm no p but
initially b
chance letter of creation
the arbitrariness of sighin's names

all hallowed eve
she took the ribbing
a damned evenng of spooks
muse-eum source-ery
witch'll it be
p n o playing
middle c initial
keys     a scale
of values
al vues of
the arbored rare eve ness of

wit, Tiw,
in the still dark hour of your name day
i name too
one of the old gods the ceremony lost reference to
see how the banned play on
  c{luster of notes

melodeus we never lose   the thread of
walking the dark streets in the hours before dawn
spikes of frost clustering 'round the street lamps
the threat of
snow     the given
descends all around us &
the ungiven
                        the seen
                         act one

here please

                         because i have made a change
                         desire you witness it

hear please

                           the changes the fingers play
                           the fingers the changes play
                           changes the fingers play the
                           fingers the changes play the
                           play changes the fingers the
                           changes play the fingers the
                           fingers play the changes the
                           play fingers the changes the
first middle last initial
crone logical eve witch
dei ends begins day


Published On: February 14, 2017
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Publication Information: HOUR 27 (3:35 AM to 4:35 AM., Tuesday October 30th) from The Book of Hours part of The Martryology Book VI Books. 300 copies printed as a gift for friends and family Christmas 1984 by Eleanor, bp and Sarah Nichol.The photograph is of the Plunkett softball team for 1935 and includes two of bp's uncles: Bob Workman and Willis Workman. 

Volume 9, Issue 1
  February 14, 2017

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