An Introduction

It's the day before or the day of or some days after the vernal equinox. There's a name for this day that someone told me in car driving away from the sunshine on Stephen's Coyote Ridge. But I don't recall that name. Here in the Okanagan Valley, parking lots are still scabbed with sand and ice. The hills have a kind of psoriasis of snow. But for all the umber and buff, the red moss occupying that retaining wall in Scenic Canyon remembers the red in the Ponderosa pine. Yesterday we saw a Ponderosa whose needles had fallen and its branches curled into itself like arthritic fingers. Turns out you can blame it on the moss. The phlegm of ice in the spring marsh. Whatever you want. Blame it on the three poems and a story we bring you to go along with all the new light.

Matt Rader is a Contributing Editor of Forget.

Published On: March 23, 2017
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Volume 9, Issue 2
  March 23, 2017


An Introduction
Forget Magazine

Remember to Remember
Cole Mash

Saskatoon Celebrity
Erin Hiebert

The Arches
Douglas Walbourne-Gough

The Weight of Things
Bronwyn Berg

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