Remember to Remember

When the rainbow-tinted bubble
is pulled from the centre
of the needs-a-new-carpet-still
living room

and your friends and roommates
have patted your shoulder
and moved on back to their own thing.

Back to yelling at their
newly-pricey Dog
(pricey as in bylaw
as in, Bull Mastiff: 1
other dog now wearing a cone: 0)

settling into their couch
and out of love
not thinking about you at all.
Drinking and eating
their own private little ulcers.


When the whole room looks dry
and catalogued.

When you feel the silence of wanting
to bang pots and pans
so you aren't the only one
come upon you.

The disorientation
of digestion patterns
of trying to face sleep
on an empty stomach
sober of even melatonin.


There is an elegance
and bravery
to finally accepting

things will be taken from you.

Even if
you did not face the learning,
and often times relearning, of which
with any amount of elegance
or bravery
at all.

Cole Mash on any given Thursday.

Published On: March 23, 2017
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Volume 9, Issue 2
  March 23, 2017


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