False Sonnets

We had some sad news
this morning from Mars. The
half-life of local radioactive rocks
is becoming twice shorter: this
means the planet is on
the decline. There are certain
angles on Earth from which
Mars can at times be
observed. We know one, so
we sit by the haunted
window, I in my silver hat,
you naked, we drink gin
and watch the show: Mars
is sizzling like a red onion
on the black pan of the sky.

* * * * *

At lunchtime I have exactly
two haunted crumbs in my
mouth. One broke off when
I was packing my lunch,
and the other one I have

kept here since Thursday night
when I found it on your
side of the bed. I will
hold on to it for
a while, I say to

the construction worker I pass
on Park Avenue. He thinks
I’m talking about his silver
hat, which I also took. Little
glutton, I’ll keep your food.

* * * * *

Half of my cup of
tea is haunted, therefore the
reflection I see of my
face has only the left eye
open. I stir the asymmetric

image with a spoon. When
the surface evens out, it
is the same. I drink:
the same. I touch my
face to check that I

really am looking – there's no
mistake, both eyes are open.
The only solution is then
to stick my foot into
the cup, keep it there.


Alexandra Kjuchukova’s toes are getting cold.


Published On
: December 26, 2009
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