Lacking the Wind's Higher Reasoning

Propose this: If zombies slay each other on TV, redraw the atlases,
deadbolt doors, faraway beds, small systems happened in the body
mid-chance, reveal how thirst can carry the other in remise
toward remedy & bones as cutlery or the way the inner habituates the outer.

Faraway: atlases doors and beds include our savage nature, though
closer to the mindís undertow, weíve walked dead, feet-first from higher reasoning,
andíve found prison streets habitat for the good
weíve tunnelled through to get here. With all of our grand books still here

weíve settled for walking dead, really, to lockdown the womb by calling it rib
óand thatís not extinction, mind you, only music, that diurnal rage
humming the mouth. Sawdust spine, scotch-taped heart
in the signposts pointing the way to retake the composite scrolls home.

What persuades the zombie more than death hardly pauses a theory-in-slow-motion,
so donít try. Or try the placation of shopping malls laundry rooms bakeries, hospice
forms for the acuity of shackles. But youíre gonna need a bullet, a door, the atlasís
proof of the soul in its night-time. Then proceed: make beds hard, keep backs frozen.
Try again once youíve perused: shopping, laundry, bakeries, hospice.
Then, first: mend towards the sake of bones, their blueprint for cutlery.
And with bed-backs frozen, lift that shrivelled soul glutting the road, instead
proposing: zombies abstract that to slay is to scavenge the long-departed hand of god.

Canisia Lubrin is pitching her tent faraway.

Published On: September 25, 2015
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Volume 8, Issue 3
September 25, 2015

Via Toronto

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