Watched by the Drone

A cento

The delicate piece of technology cost hundreds
    of thousands of dollars.
Better than human.
I think it is a biological imperative.
So hysterical.
Apologies for not using the proper scientific term.
Humour me.
I am watching a legal webinar on white paper
    writing that I paid for.
Welcome to my world.
Do we all just live in your mind, god head?

How is your heart?
It's diagnostic, not something that happened
    to you on the street.
Were you in a fugue state when you did it?
Didn't he even wonder where she was building the bridges?
    Did he ask to see them?
And no I am not joking.
The build was most satisfying.

What the fuck is that art behind you?
I had never won a door prize in my life.
I've been monitoring my facial expression over the day
    in relation to headaches. This is me looking
    at tax forms online.
Now I can just give them a large canyon
    in another dimension.
Yes, I am the public. You hadn't figured that out yet?
    This whole city is full
    of empty houses but mine.
Your wealth was an ill-concealed open secret. We knew it
    when you pulled the billfold from your purse
    on the streetcar and started counting.
Is it possible you are not human?
I am famished.

Dani Couture knows we did it to ourselves.

Published On: September 25, 2015
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Volume 8, Issue 3
September 25, 2015

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