My Friend Greg is a Crow Now

My friend Greg is a crow now
And even though he died
When we were all twenty-five
I saw him today on my neighbour's roof.
He didn't turn or pause or even
acknowledge me at all
When I said, "Hey Greg
How are you man?"
He took two small
Hopped-steps to the
Invisible side
Of the roof.

Another time I saw him like this
It was Christmas morning
In England and I was alone.
My friend Greg who was a crow then too,
Landed on the absolute-top of the tree
Above where I was smoking.
He didn't say anything that time either
But he made the tree branches shake a little for me,
Right before he booked for flight.


W.L. Coleman lives positively on 3rd Street.

Published On: July 1, 2007
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Volume 4, Issue 07
Canada Day, 2007

My Friend Greg
Is a crow now

by W.L. Coleman

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