A Great Beauty
  I am not reconciled    

as we become less apt
 like old words      bandied about         
cheapened      misused
 until there is no give to     no speaking well
those words     appropriated     by cheats     by high-hats    
 words we once pegged out     wide     snug      & slept in      & made out in    
our bivouac words     solid     bogart      threads      drag
 now husks     laughed at     or fluffed     to mean
condo-lessness     insurgents     disenfranchisement     reprioritization    
 for shared mammal needs     such big words     leeched of history    
& turned so bitterly against us    

 yet     despite everything     we still love our small     blunt     first words
they only look simple     but are perennial riddles     fingerings    
 we still find in words like     union    or campesino     the great beauty    
& elegance     & defiance      they had    

 you will always be a great beauty to me    
like the words     rhubarb     defunct     or fuzz     as we age     
 & the rotten bastards     out to get us    
become     also     our own bodies     itemized         

 to face     new attacks     from within
I will stand on one leg     & talk flap-doodle     into manifesto
 I will see you     the way Iíve always seen you     as many    
di mare     I will say each of our secret names       

 not as crumpled     discontinued     coinage    
but like 60s lyrics     take the load off Fanny  
 we didnít really understand them     but we believed in them       

obscurity     a blur of pride    

just grinned and shook my hand. "No" was all he said.

Published On: February 14, 2018
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Volume 9, Issue 4
  February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

A Great Beauty

Feb 12, 2001 - Present

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