Dear Liza

You need a flashlight to find
the flashlight. A cup of coffee to muster
the energy to get to the coffee-maker. Call
the phone-repair man with your smashed
phone. Decipher the patterns in the ceiling.
Rub your temple to undo deeper knots.
The pill that takes away your fear of heights
is at the top of the ladder. I gave up everything for you,
he says. Everything that I wanted you to keep,
she says. Signing up for the fire-juggling course
requires that you have already taken
the fire-juggling course. Your face hovering
above the puzzle is an unfinished puzzle. The pieces
sky-blue and scattered. A frown is a frozen ripple.
A shudder is you trying to be in two places at once.
But there's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.
Try and try, give up, and try again. And give up.
I cannot say sorry until you say sorry first,
they both think. Cut flowers in the vase with
their love-me / love-me-not petals. Itch in the phantom
limb. The oars to your boat are floating away. You first,
they both think. Please. You search your pockets
outside your locked car. Where are they? Oh, right.
In the ignition. There they are.

Raoul Fernandes would have remained a member of the UN anti-drought convention.

Published On: July 1, 2013
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Volume 7, Issue 3
Canada Day, 2013


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