This Is Where You Put The Title or
No Perhaps Here Is Where You Put It

You could say a lot or nothing and either way you would be hiding what you really felt; there is no way to explain how and where you are artfully in a paragraph. Even if this is the place you invented to do just that, to excise. Nope, this one you can't take care of here. It's good to know that. Like it's good to know that aiming at forever is important. For instance, this particular internet magazine ain't going nowhere. No, we will be here when that one gray hair that traces its way back from your forehead has become just one of the hundreds and do you think someone else will notice as each one turns that colour and want to keep it from you, as a parent does death from a child, until it is right to say? This editor I had once, for about 15 seconds, once said to me: sometimes you forget there is an audience. I didn't say this, but I wish I had said: nah man, sometimes I remember the audience is there. Anyway, maybe I should just end this note by telling everyone two separate things I know to be true for sure and absolutely: 1. I have been listening to the Wu-Tang Clan (mostly the Gza, a lot of Raekwon and Method Man, some Ghostface, and a little ODB) over and over and over again. 2. Far as I know, everything else round this motherfucker is tip-top—KJB.


Published On: May 1st, 2007
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Volume 4, Issue 05
May Day, 2007

stepping out
by Matthew Dorrell

A Brief History of Disco & Disco(2)
by Jeanette Lynes

WHEN THERE's Nothing to say
by Alice Kuipers

favourite children
by Kenneth Radu

Little man, big problem
by Josh Byer

The orange chair

by Nick Thran

Leonard the war is waged, Pt. 2
by Leah Bailly

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