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Then It Starts for Working:
Fatlip Saturday Answers Your Email has been an active mail link on the internet for more than 20 years. Subsequently, it gets an enormous (the technical term is a 'fuck-load') and disproportionately strange type of email on a nearly constant (like second by second, not day by a day, or some weak bullshit) basis. Opening the inbox is looking in awe, wonder and occasional horror at what a consistent presence of 20 years in the twisted teeth of the Internet machine waste-land looks like. T. S. Eliot never wrote no emails, remember that. Here are the last three emails that arrived while I wrote this, and our responses. By the way Forget is now accepting (and you know, uh, reading) unsolicited submissions again. Send them here. Make them good.- Ed.

* * *

Dear Customer,
Hope this email finds you well.
We are emailing you today to let you know that we have got a window cleaning robot in our stock, ready to for shipping.Wait 20 seconds after starting up until the blue light flashing is off,Then it starts for working. Binding the safety rope when using, just prevent  falling from high altitude. Please spray some water on the edge of the mop
Packing list
1 rebot1 power cord + adapte1 remote control1 battery pair2 pairs of cleaning rings (4)1 extension of 4 meters1 safety rope10 cleaning cloths1 manual (or English manual
We are incredibly interested! '
Bout time we had some robots round here! Tell us this: are the robots sentient, literate and sober (ish)? Because we are looking for interns - Ed.

Dear Friend ,

Forget boring paints and outdated wallpapers, this decorative soft leather wall paneling/wall cladding by TANGRAM is a new unique way to bring some exciting decorative patterns to your project .

Welcome to reply back for free sample and product E-catalog .

Sincerely yours

Had us at Forget, nice start. Please send us both the free sample and product E-catalog.- Ed.


We have inquiry about your product, could you send your latest catalogue along with a price list.

Please note our payment term is 20% advance payment and 80% against B/L copy.

Waiting for your timely reply

We are absolutely gonna knock out that catalogue 
(wait 'til you see the prices!) my brother or sister; and we like the sounds of that payment plan! We will be in touch very, very soon!  We have big, big plans!- Ed.

said you didn't give a fuck about hockey.

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  March 20, 2021

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