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Well. Two weeks after celebrating its 20 year anniversary, Forget was forced to change servers.  We had a sweet, sweet deal hiding on a server belonging to a company that used to belong to Miguel's cousin (or something). That company was sold years ago and the new owners never rally noticed we were still there. Until recently. So we were like, 15 years of free hosting is enough. NBD, right?  Move to GoDaddy servers, eat the yard a year it will cost, and onward.

Nope. We are lost in the land of a non-DNS promulgation hellscape. They tell us the domain cannot be viewed in parts of Canada, sort of an issue for a Canadian magazine. Actually, they told us a lot of things before then; but we've landed here (which is nowhere) for the moment. There's an "open ticket" with the engineers, so that ought to take care of everything.Stuck between  incompetence, and  indifference, we have spoken to at least a dozen "support" experts  over these past days, and l want to tell you, if we had not met our boy Raphael, all hope would be lost. But, still, we hope. From Raphael we remember to hope.

So, Forget was down for a week first time ever. And is only barely back up. Apparently some people can see this and some can't. Who the fuck knows? Know this: the domain name and all of the hundreds of pieces that live there, still don't work at all (but this does:

So short of renaming it 0463545.rcomhost Magazine, we just bought & the today (they both currently point to this mess, maybe for the first time. It took 3 minutes to promulgate those, go figure). All this while we wait for Raphael to save us. Also, if the Internet people can't figure this shit out soon, I'll move the whole thing over to one of those addresses. Gonna be bitch to do it, but Oliver Wilde said "where there is sorrow there is higher ground" and that dude knew his shit.

Nothing is lost. Nothing is gone. Even though none of the links work now, they will again.  We will keep on trying until we reach the higher ground. Or you know, the Internet gets its shit all figured out. Fuck.

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